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Family Resources

Making the right choice, at the right time.

Having "The Talk"

The conversation about moving a loved one to a retirement community can be difficult. If you’re nervous, the following tips can make the conversation a little easier. Please don't hesitate to reach out. 

  • Be prepared. Prior to your conversation, do your research. You want to provide the best information possible. Call us if you have additional questions at 785-883-4101.

  • Everyone's in. Invite all parties involved to talk openly about options. Make sure your family members feel their concerns are being heard and let it be a joint decision.

  • Know when is best. Choose a moment when you and your family are rested and feeling well.

  • Get others involved. Consider inviting a trusted outside party to join in the discussion, such as their doctor, pastor, long-time neighbor, or family friend.

  • Listen. Hearing and understanding everyone’s wishes and concerns is imperative. Being in agreement can make the process 10x smoother for your loved one.

  • Revisit. Don’t expect to reach a decision right away. Many discuss over the course of several communications, and it’s important to give your family members some time. Come in for a second visit; we'd love to have you!

"My dad lives at this manor and loves it! There are activities everyday that help him physically. They play volleyball, dance, go on picnics, attend t-bones games. There is always something going on. All the people that work there are kind, loving and caring. I want to go to the manor when the time comes for me!" 

-Mary A.

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