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Former player and current Brookside Retirement Community Administrator, Tracy Dunaway (one of Susan’s former volleyball players), sees how owner and Culture Change Coach, Susan Averill’s experience as a state champion volleyball coach serves her well at Brookside Retirement Community and Wellsville Retirement Community. Tracy said, “As a coach, Susan was always pushing her players to be the best that they could be, often getting more from them then they themselves believed possible. She modeled to her team that integrity, discipline and hard work pay off. Her players learned to trust, support, uplift and encourage one another in the rough places challenges took them. With her guidance, they soon discovered that to succeed, they must work as a cohesive whole.”

Susan and husband, Scott, have four children: Bryan, Nathan, MaKaila and Alec. Nathan, who also works at BRC and WRC calls his mom “a compassionate, straight-shooter who has the forthrightness to confront nonsense when needed.” Susan, along with Scott and his father, Chuck, own two nursing homes, BRC and WRC. 24-7 they energize and inspire co-workers to advance our ongoing mission: to make these two nursing homes great places to work and live. With regards to achieving the highest possible customer service excellence standards, our team motto is that there is no top to the mountain we climb together.